Episode 3…..

Neels Gap and the sickness

I love getting new photos from the husband and kid from the trail! They’ve been starting out slower to build up their trail legs and not hurt themselves, and good thing too. Not sure about anywhere else, but here in Ohio there’s been a stomach bug going rampid. Both my sons had it 2 weeks apart and then Dennis started feeling funky about 2 weeks after Aaron had it…just as they started traveling to Georgia. He was holding up well until he started not being able to keep anything down. I have NOT gotten it yet and pray that it skips me entirely. 🤞

When they got to Neels Gap today they decided to get off trail and hunker down at a hotel. They are taking a zero day tomorrow. So hopefully some good R&R will do them all well.

Here’s some photos that made me smile today! My kid looks so happy!