Trail UPDATE! and all about our visit <3


I’m so behind giving updates this week. Last week on Tuesday, I drove from Ohio to Asheville, North Carolina to visit my fellas after them being away on trail for a month. It was a much needed visit where it was great just to have a little R&R and spend some time together. I brought our newest fur-baby, Piper; she’s an 8 month old pit bull that we added to our family last October. Dennis and Aaron have bonded with her for the last many months and definitely were missing her while on trail. I’m pretty sure she has wondered where her human play-mates went! They were worried about her not recognizing them–but she peed in absolute excitement when they reunited and got to get a bunch of play time in. 😀 The trip was also great for Piper, as we plan to do a ton of travelling, and she will be coming along. She did great on her first LONG car ride. Here’s a few photos of our visit last week.

The hubby and kid are doing absolutely awesome and are trucking along–the visit last week did slow them down as they took a 3-day hiatus to visit with me after they reached Hot Springs; which in all honestly a few days rest from the trail absolutely had to do their body good. However, hubby did have a little bit of anxiety after a couple days away from the trail about the miles they were getting ‘behind’ on–but he did say my visit was worth it! Heck yeah it was! lol I dropped them back off in Hot Springs last Friday and they have had a little bit of some WET weather, but they’ve made it to mile 344!!

While I miss my guys, I’m so happy for them that they’re doing this adventure and are making memories together. I have 3 1/2 more weeks left in this semester of nursing school and then I get the WHOLE SUMMER OFF! I can’t wait. Honestly, it goes without saying, I cannot wait to be done with school altogether. I was set on my career in therapy as an occupational therapy assistant; and our goal was to eventually start traveling when our kids are grown/stable and doing well enough for us to be able to sell all, buy an RV and work on the road. I was planning on getting my masters degree and become an occupational therapist, but for various reasons I decided to switch over to nursing. I feel like I want to have more of an impact on my patient’s care and nursing will allow me to do that, as well as have even better job prospects to go where I please when we are travelling. So many people want to travel and do this and that and they wait until retirement–Often times, what happens is life and they lose that chance before they ever get to. I want to travel while I’m young and see the world while I can enjoy it. I want my work to have purposeful meaning, but yet, my job needs to work for me and my ambitions at the same time. Life is what you make it and it should be enjoyable and beautiful. If you don’t love where you’re at, change it! You’ll never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do.

Here’s some photos I’ve been sent this week.

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