Mini Update

Oh my goodness have I been a bit busy at home. My spring break was very nice from nursing school and it gave me time to recover from a surgery that I had. (Hiatal hernia repair). Let me just say that the surgery itself was fine but the recovery diet was just not fun! My surgery was 6 weeks ago and I’m finally allowed to have normal food without restrictions. Anyway enough about that…

I am EXCITED as I am going to Asheville next week to meet my husband and my kid and visit for a few days with them. Hubby’s cousin is going to pick them up in Hot Springs. Yesterday they made it to Clingmans Dome, which is about 200 miles in! They are without signal, which they warned me about and I know from personal experience, there’s not good cell signal in the smokies. But they are chugging along! Many more miles to go, but I do believe they have their trail legs broke in as it appears they are starting to get more mileage in per day. Unfortunately Bear Box, my hubby’s co worker ended up having to leave the trail with a knee injury at Fontana Dam and it’s not going heal correctly unless he’s off of it for a good 6 weeks. Definitely can’t be hiking long distance on a bum knee; not only do you risk further damage but its just down right dangerous to be in the middle of Appalachia injured.

So next week after I take my midterm exam I’ll be driving to go relax with my guys and I am going to be bringing our pit puppy to see them. Which she is going to lose it! We got a decent hotel with a hot tub and pool and I am looking forward to total relaxation for a few days and I am sure my fellas will welcome the R&R! We have family in the Asheville area as well which is going to be great to visit with them also!

Here’s a video that I am late posting and a few photos that I’ve been sent! Enjoy!

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