What could go wrong getting there?

Also hiking with my husband and son, is Brad, who is a good friend & coworker of my hubbys. As with the dynamics of any trip, this took a ton of planning. I was going to drive them down to Georgia, but we decided against it (mostly me lol). Instead, we decided to book a one way flight for the guys and found a FANTASTIC deal on hopper. The one way tickets to Atlanta was under $80 a piece. They were set to fly out Saturday, March 12th at 7am from Cleveland. Brad ended up going up to Cleveland a day early and booked a room and invited Dennis and Aaron to stay if they wanted since their flight was early. The weather was not planning on being too cooperative with the snow Friday into Saturday morning, so I drove them up Friday. Their flight ended up getting canceled at 1 am.

No biggie! We decided to look at car rentals and just book a car. Did you know that debit cards are not accepted to rent a car (because it must be different money than credit card money)? Apparently you have to have a credit card. Money you don’t actually have is better to them than the money you do have in your checking. My husband had a credit card, but it had my name on it so they wouldn’t let him rent a car. To remedy this, I drove all the way back up to Cleveland on Saturday morning to walk inside to swipe my credit card. What a headache.

They got into Atlanta Saturday evening late; booked a room. Finally on Sunday, after rental car return, they jumped on a train and then were shuttled from REI to Amicalola Falls were they began their journey to Springer Mountain!

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