Sleeping arrangements & Food

So the guys have been on the trail since Sunday. Some of the most common questions my family get from non-hikers and non-outdoorsy folks is questions about their food and shelter. My husband Dennis is a hammock sleeper and purchased a custom hammock from Dream Hammock; my son is using a Duplex tent from Z-packs, as he likes to be more grounded. Pretty sure it’s more of a phobia of being a neatly packed human burrito for the bears. 😀 I too have a custom Dream Hammock that I used when I hiked in Red River Gorge. It was my first hike, but I feel like I would prefer a tent like my son for the extra room with a sleeping pad. I have some lower back issues and after a long hike, I like to be stretched out and no matter how we get my hammock hung, I feel like my spine is succumed to being curved instead of allowing me to stretch out all straight.

As far as food goes, it’s definitely not gourmet! The least complicated the better, which is usually dehydrated meals consisting of potatoes, pasta, rice, easy mac, ramen noodles, electrolyte packets to add to water, Mountain House dehydrated meals (which end up getting pricey); weight matters. Everything the guys are carrying; their food, clothing, shelter, sleep gear, water being carried on their backs is the lightest of light and their overall carrying weight with their bags all packed probably amounts to around 24-28 pounds on the heavy side. My sons bag weight before they left, without water was 24 pounds.

Here is their set up from their first camp on the trail to give you an idea of what their set up looks like!

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